By: Codex

X-Drums is an interesting platformer featuring a Japanese drummer. The name’s inspiration is from X Japan a Japanese heavy metal band. While the playable character is based on Yoshiki Hayashi the drummer and pianist. Your main objective is to collect notes and leave Okinawa Island. Depending on which version you play (currently available for PC, and mobile) there’s a different number of notes, but you don't have to collect every single one to beat the stage!

The games scenery mostly consists of instruments. You’ll be running and jumping over piano keys, hi-hats, drumsticks and of course…. Drums! Don’t expect to dodge lots of enemies in this because well... there is none! (Except the bride, with the tragic game over screen.) There are little traps though such as the numerous fan girls spread across the stage which take some of your notes. Plenty of lights are scattered around which adds more seconds to your timer, which of course makes it a bit tougher if your going for a good time.

Personally, in my attempts to get every note, its been rather tough mainly because one bad jump or mistake can make you lose that one note. You also get a little bonus for moving fast, so if you take to long you still may not get them all. That’s where all the fun comes in, memorizing certain areas, and moving quickly is key. The controls are pretty good so its easy to manuever but getting every note is the real challenge. Though if you do there’s a little secret waiting for you. They also have leaderboards (along with a shop coming soon) where you can see how you compare with others.

All in all, the game is fun, it’s not long but the replay value is very high. I found myself constantly replaying the stage just to improve my score or go for better times. At first it may seem a bit tough but once you learn your best path and what to avoid it’s a breeze!

Check this one out, its free and available for Android, Windows, and Mac. As development continues I’m hopeful that X-Drums will improve more and more.

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