The state of DLC

What went wrong?

Is the new DLC craze good for gamers? Lately I have noticed, and I'm sure others have also that some game company's have really started abusing the whole "Downloadable content" aspect of gaming.
First off I don't want to sounds like I'm bashing DLC as a whole, because it does add more dimensions to games and can make a game last way longer than it was really meant too. My issue really are things like "Day 1 DLC". I take it like this, I paid for the console (200.00 Minimum 500.00 Max) I spent even more for the game (59.99 U.S. Dollars) and that's if I didn't buy some Type of collectors edition which can be a real pocket killer. IM ALSO paying for a monthly service rather it be XBL or PSN unlessI bite the bullet and get a year renewal.In my opinion if I'm buying a game I want what was promised to me from the jump.
Don't advertise content for the consumer , then when its time for it to release and people have their preorders and etc. Then they go home pop it in just to find out for that cool little gun you wanted or that xp boost well that's another 2-20 Dollars which is crazy. I have NO problem with DLC that adds to the game and doesn't feel like a cash grab at the owners expense.

Train Simulator 2015 is a perfect example, The price is there SO MUCH dlc that it literally would cost well over 3000 dollars for all of them.


Do you know what that could do for some people, some don't even make that in a MONTH with a normal job. They even had the nerve to add dlc from the past train simulators.. This is where you should be able to produce things people Want, that add to your game. Not nickel and dime your consumer, its easy to say the best option is not to buy it that doesn't help. I don't see a problem with DLC itself, but some companies seriously abuse the idea and isn't that determinal to them? You constantly may hear "Videogames are getting more and more expensive" and that is very understandable, but then we get DLC that doesn't really have substantial content doesn't this use man hours? We should be getting maps, good story content and character at a affordable price. I shouldn't be buying 20 Bucks for dlc, if the content doesn't add another dimension to the game. The Mass Effect series for example.

It's been out for a few years and a lot of people that didn't play it in the past are now. Mass Effect CAN be completed with no DLC purchases at all which is great, but the DLC is almost just as old as the series so why are the prices the same? No sales even with Andromeda releasing soon? (Hopefully the pricing for DLC is a little more friendly) The upside is that most of its DLC is actually worth it, but I know if I was a EA/Bioware rep I would be thinking "If we brought The price of these dlcs they might actually sell more even if slightly instead of wasting space on the store. They did release a trilogy, containing some of the more important DLC so I can't knock em for trying.

Do I really think DLC is that bad? No especially because you do have a choice, but if placed in the wrong hands it makes DLC seem more lackluster. Train simulator was just one example of a absurd amount of pricing AND DLC but there's plenty more out there. I'm not sure how the people could fix the problem other than inspecting everything before you buy. You have to ask questions like "Is this DLC adding anything substantial to the game." or "Is 15.00 really accurate for this purely cosmetic sword that does nothing for my stats?" ?" That way there are no regrets because you know what your getting into. Gaming can be and is a very expensive business, I understand the people that pour their hearts into these things deserve to be well compensated. Releasing DLC with incredibly high prices for what your getting, or literally having the content on the disc (Disc locked content) and locking it behind another price is NOT COOL. This is where I feel manipulation kicks in, and more questions arise. I just hope in the future companies actually realize were not all just unintelligent enough to not understand that in most cases: Your being ripped off. I salute the companies that make good quality games, with GOOD AFFORDABLE downloadable content.