Wario Ware Inc.: Mega Party Games

"WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$" is a cute time waster

In this port of the Gameboy advance classic, Wario is the face of his own franchise of frantic mini-games that take him and his new pals through all sorts of wacky hijinks. As humorous and flashy the animation and art style is for the game, its simplicity and self-aware mechanics makes it the best party game that really comes down to reaction.

Wario is welcoming

With several spinoffs and other sequels ported to other consoles, the simplicity and accessibility of the game shine well, especially when it came to local multiplayer. Of course, in order to access the plethora of modes for multiplayer, one must go through the single player campaign, which has players playing a certain amount of micro games before transitioning to the next stage. For instance, Wario’s micro games will range from jumping to avoid cars, or playing rock paper scissors against Mario. Each micro game had its own rules of play, and would only be defined by a few words to explain before setting the player up to do the task in a small window of time. If the player completes the task before the timer, than they succeeded, if not, then one of their lives will be taken, which would eventually lead to a game over. Of course, as the player continues throughout the level, the speed of the micro games will increase, and the timer will shorten. Many of these micro games have differing art styles and wacky personalities that make each one unique and defined based on their task. The main reason to play the game alone however is to unlock the multiplayer content, but some players could also practice individual micro games or master entire stages of micro games.

Never boring alone

Playing alone is never as satisfying as playing with a few friends. Although gameplay does not change, several modes freshen how the game is played with other players. For instance, one mode has players take turns playing mini games while the others move around the screen in order to block their view. Another has players follow a whacky doctor’s orders, such as playing a micro game with their eyes closed or holding the controller upside down. The gimmicks and different rules to win each mode adds some kind of strategy, but overall the key to winning the game is understanding how each micro game works. Although there is not much to the gameplay, this port is a great board game replacement that has enough options for those just wanting to play something without much of a thought.

Video by Therunawayguys

Written by Jarek Martinez