Verdict Guilty


Verdict Guilty (developed and published by Retro Army) is a very simple game that is more than easy to jump into. I actually purchased this title a while back but never really dived into it. If your looking for something a bit more on the complex side this may not be for you. If you are looking for something to jump into quickly where you don't have to spend lots of money (It's about 3 bucks on Steam.) or a fighting game with a spin... this may be just right for you.

Verdict Guilty is set in the town of Neo Seoul, which comes under attack by a group of terrorists and criminals. You can play as either a cop or criminal, though the character selection isn't very deep. Although the character list may lack in depth, the combat is very akin to Street Fighter. The main spin of this title is being able to handcuff (if your a cop) or throw your opponent (if your a criminal). Some characters even have weapons such as handguns , assault rifles, and tazers. With that in mind every character is fairly easy to learn and i recommend trying each until you figure out which may be more akin to your playstyle..

Verdict Guilty features multiple modes. The basic ones like Arcade and Story are there, but you also have a survival mode and numerous unlockable modes that add even more variety. Each character also has a story mode built specifically for them and ... it may not be the deepest its still a definite plus. I personally enjoyed playing survival mostly and trying to get my KO count higher and higher. You can even track how you rank against other players with the games leaderboards.

The games style was a definite plus for me. It has a classic 90's look and soundtrack also fits and flows into the game very well. It's more than low-spec and every machine i've played on had no issue running the game. It also features controller support along with numerous other steam integrated perks (Trading Cards, Achievements). Although im not sure how the more.. hardcore fighting game players would feel about this game since its more shifted towards beginners, but for the price and what you get its very worthy of a pick up.

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