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10/28/2017 (8:00 P.M. )- Hello gamers! Oh man was this a hefty update but its finally done, ive added in new sections and fixed the mobile bug! I am also looking for people that want to be apart of making the site even greater so feel free to contact me! Now i will be focusing on bringing new content :) Thanks for the support everyone! If you run across any bugs feel free to leave a comment below!

10/28/2017 (8:44 P.M.) - On some mobile devices the button for navigation doesnt appear BUT it is there just tap the top right corner, when your at the top of the page :) sorry about that and i will have it fixed ASAP !

11/7/2017 (2:54 P.M.) - Afternoon gamers, as some of you know ive been bouncing from school to work for the last few days, i have a bunch of days off coming and during that time i will be adding in some game's concept art and our retro pick of the day will be returning, mobile menu bug will also be fixed during that time thanks for the support everyone :) appreciate every single one of you :)

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