Everything from social media, whats coming for the site, and supporting the site.

4/13/2018 - Update completed! As you can see i have pretty much changed the whole color scheme and added our new logo! We also changed the font sizes and colors, along with some sizing issues on devices such as tablet. The Game Art and original update tab on the navigation has been removed, and moved to different areas on the site. OH and we have a favicon now :) . Thanks for all the support guys i will do everything in my power to keep bringing more content!

6/16/2017 - I updated our indie game section, along with that i removed a few games that have been left in the dust ( mainly games that have been cancelled) I wanna point out, although i have no problem sharing games and helping others grow please let us know if you dont plan on working on said title anymore, or if it's been scrapped. It saves us time and makes it easier for the player to find something they enjoy. Game Development is a tough field to get in but please, do your best to keep us posted. Thanks for all the support, and i will continue to build on the site as time passes :)

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