Twisted Metal Black

Twisted Metal Black is the best kind of creative mayhem

“Twisted Metal Black” for the PS2 was unrestrained, unapologetic and a fun experience that still holds up in a subgenre that is lacking today. Graphics may be dated for its time, but it still holds up well with its gameplay and unique aesthetics. The chaotic wonderment from previous entries was mixed up this time around with an edge. Every character is a mental patient in an asylum with dark, and at times, disgusting backstories that could only come from the mind of David Jaffe.

Each contestant’s personality matched well with their car, which each had its own stats of speed and control, while also hosting its own special ability. A nice touch that they added into the cars were that each weapon pick-up had its own animation. So if switching from a homing missile to the napalm, a compartment from the missile would close and the napalm would come from another part of the car. Gameplay wise, much of the rules had not changed much. Deathmatch style modes would have players kill each other until there was no one else left. Levels would range from a small amusement park, unfinished high way and even a drive-in movie theatre.

Weapons were scattered about, as well as interactive portions of the map that could help or hurt players. Many of these maps were well-crafted with secrets and shortcuts to other destinations. They were meant to be memorized by the hardcore in order to nail the incredibly tough difficulty the AI can be during story mode. With only a certain amount of lives, other contestants target the player in mere seconds, and at times will create strategic attacks that include freezing you and barraging missiles all at once. Luckily, if one were to just punch in some cheat codes for invincibility and infinite weapons, the mode becomes a breeze. This is essential in order to unlock characters hidden away in the map, and does provide some relief since the only real incentive for completing the story mode with all characters is to enjoy their cinematic cut scenes. These cut scenes are very well edited and have a great level quality for its time, providing the most gruesome and sickening revenge stories ever told. Although there may not be a whole lot left in the game after the campaign, the gameplay and local multiplayer still holds up today, and is still a unique experience of its kind while also being one of the best of the series.

Video by vtuyen

Written by Jarek Martinez