Turok Evolution

"Turok: Evolution is the best fun with dinosaurs"

Turok: Evolution gets visually worse with age, but plenty of mindless fun is still to be had with its multiplayer.

Vomit and Viscera

A few hours into the campaign, and much of the game’s use of the M-rating are quite rudimentary, but also ridiculous. Reptile soldiers limbs would explode into giblets, the player’s battle axe can be splattered in blood and enemies can be forced to vomit with special poison arrows. It’s like the game is still in the era of the older Duke Nukem games, with trashy dialogue and a nonsensical story that meanders throughout several missions. Some missions involved some use of stealth with a bow and arrow, while others had players collecting stuff to open stuff. Very compelling gameplay. There was even missions where players take control of a pterodactyl akin to Star Fox-style rail shooter, only they were much more frustrating due to the controls and almost no checkpoints. The story is forgettable and funny, but there is not much reason to go back to it.

Multiplayer Madness

Four-player multiplayer was the real draw of the game. Every weapon used in the campaign was usable in multiplayer. Spider drones, vomit arrows, rocket launchers and even the black hole cube were all available. Like a kid in a candy store, killing friends with these weapons was always satisfying. Many of the maps were ripped straight from the campaign, but were implemented very well, especially for four-player insanity. Several modes and options, as well as having specific weapons out really made this the GameCube’s closest version of GoldenEye or Halo. Best part of the game: being able to control a raptor.

Video by LPA

Written by Jarek Martinez