Space Jam

"Space Jam" makes major fouls for basketball games

As an overrated cartoon movie tie-in, “Space Jam” the videogame does put a bit of effort into the look and feel of the film, but lacks any investment after less than an hour.

Spaced out

Players can choose between single player and multiplayer modes, which is attached to a single exhibition mode between the Toon Squad and the Monstars from the movie. A single, four quarter basketball game has players pick between a 3-on-3 and 2-on-2 match. These are the only two teams players can pick from, and each has strangely different options that can really put more favorable choices for one player. On the Toon squad, there are 12 toons to pick from while the Monstars team has the entire five alien players to pick from. There is of course an obvious imbalance between teams, and with each character having their own three stats (shooting, speed, rebounds). Monstars teammates tend to have better rebounding, but are slower compared to the Toons, who either excel in shooting or in speed. What’s bizarre is how the game is not strictly about being based in the basketball mythos, as it also takes the time to fill in some mini games that tie into the film. At the start of each game, players control either Daffy Duck or one of the aliens in order to find Micheal Jordan’s equipment’s in his house, while obstacles and his dog stop the player from doing so. After each quarter, there is a random assortment of three mini games that each player will play, which all have nothing to do with the movie or impact the main game at all. Also, in the second quarter, players will also play as bugs or an alien in order to find the “secret” stuff in the locker rooms. This may all sound unnecessary and filler items to enhance the game, because that is exactly what it is. Most of the controls are also a bit wonky, especially considering there is not much to them, but a small space of walking around, or controlling a god awful spaceship through a crappy course for no absolute reason.

One and done

As for the basketball, it controls simple enough, if not very boring and taxing by the third quarter. Each character has their own stamina bar to run with, and when it runs low, you slow down. There’s a button to steal for defense, and shooting for offense. Players can also run to the hoop and make a slam dunk. There’s also a way to do special shots, like Bugs Bunny chilling on the hoop and slamming the ball. I am still not sure how I can do this. There really is nothing more to it, and there is not many choices to maybe add to these barren mechanics. As far as commentary goes, players get to enjoy the sweet sound of no in-game music, and the voice of the manly mouse from the movie, who makes quips that get recycled very quickly.

That's all folks!

Nothing more can be said about this game, as the one match looked to replicate the entire basketball game experience from the film, without adding much to warrant the replayablitiy. Guess if you really love the movie, you can try out the game for a bit, but don’t expect too much novelty besides the sprite-based cartoon style and short-term fun.

Video by Play Vamp

Written by Jarek Martinez

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