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Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together!

Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together!, a launch title on the Nintendo Switch from SFB games, offers a deceptively challenging yet fun puzzle-solving experience. Players are given control of Diglett-shaped characters. When the characters are overlapping, they can cut one another into different shapes. Each level requires the players to coordinate to reach objectives by creating different shapes, such as a gear to turn a cog or a ramp to launch a princess (seriously).

Snipperclips shines in it’s co-op experience. It’s a feel similar to Portal, in that it is almost as fun to sabotage your partner as it is satisfying to complete a puzzle. The puzzles range from simple and straightforward to exceptionally challenging. The challenges are laid out in a way that you need to complete a certain number to access the “final” level, and upon completion more levels open up. Gameplay can feel repetitive at points when simple, boring puzzle mechanics are reused, like cutting the different characters to match an outline. I found myself wishing I could skip these after the first few. In contrast, some of the more complex puzzles, such as guiding a frog back to water, or cutting out the perfect shape to control the flow of water, were so creative and fun I immediately played them again. The ingenuity of some levels heightened the repetitiveness of others.

I was also struck by the freedom the player had in solving the puzzles. There is no right way to solve them, no shape you absolutely have to use. In fact, some levels could be solved with the right teamwork, jumps, and a little luck; no cutting required. It took my roommate and I a long time of struggling to figure out the right shape to turn a cog. And even though we got frustrated, the satisfaction of figuring it out was worth it.

The game excels in other areas that many puzzle games ignore entirely. The music is catchy and matches the overall aesthetic of the game. The characters are given a ton of personality just by giving them a face; they get sad when they are snipped too thin, and look mischievous when they crouch. It seems like a small thing but I really appreciated the attention to detail.

For 2-4 players Snipperclips offers more types of puzzles as well as a mini-game like experience, with modes similar to air hockey and basketball. They are not exceptionally deep additions to the game, but they do offer some more replayability and a good party-game vibe. While the multiplayer experience is Snipperclip’s strength, the single player experience does not offer the same fun. While you can solve any of the puzzles alone, by switching what character you control back and forth, removing the cooperation and human interaction takes away from what makes Snipperclips fun; the unpredictability and challenge of working with another person to complete a goal. Snipperclips offers a fun and unique cooperative experience, and is hopefully a sign of some of the innovative third party titles we can expect on the Switch. If you and your friends are looking for some variety in your Switch multiplayer experience, try giving Snipperclips a try.

Video by :ZachScottGames

Written by : David Wier