Game is in Early Access!

"Sentinels" by Mindwalker Games is a different spin on your usual tower defense game.

Its set up like a tower defense game, but you can also switch to a first person view, letting you join the combat?.

Using skills of the MC's (Sam, Kat, and Frank) you have to mow down a seemingly endless wave of enemies!

Deploy powerful automated towers, upgrade them to devastating Elite towers, and watch the mayhem.

When that doesn’t quite cut it, rain down meteors and acid attacks with manually activated tactical weapons.


Build your defenses with a variety of automated and manually activatable turrets.

Jump into the fray with powerful first person weaponry. Choose from grenade launchers, lockon missiles, machine guns - just to name a few.

Customize your weapons with socketable mods to increase damage, critical hits, knockback, and so much more.

Defend an ever-expanding roster of levels - 10 maps are currently available, 7 which have multiple challenge and endless modes. At least 6 more levels are actively in the works

EARLY ACCESS SPECIAL - All EA players can access developer mode. Should you choose to activate it, you'll be given incredible control of the game. Bump up strength, speed, and frequency of enemies if you like a challenge, or increase the commander ammo pool if you want more fps action. You can adjust pacing, as well as toggle various game modes as we move forward in development. You can use these tools to give us personalized feedback and perhaps see your personal changes implemented ingame.

Check out this playlist below, detailing features in the game, and how certain things work!

I suggest picking it up before the 20th if you wanna catch it on SALE!

Made by Mindwalker Games