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Game in development! (Build Available)

Schwarzerblitz is an indie fighting game written in C++ and running on a custom version of the Irrlicht game engine The game is completely in English and supports both keyboard and joypad, though the second is highly recommended.


It's 2065 and the world is not what we used to know. Fennoscandia has sunk deep into the ocean, half of Ireland is ridden by heamophages, nuclear power has been replaced by reality-distorsion-resonance (RDR) power plants and an alien planetoid has made first contact for more than fifty years,by now. In 2064, a major accident shook the whole Europe: Euterpe, the Italian capitol city, was razed by an explosion of incredible power, followed by a storm of black lightnings. The accounts of the witnesses diverged and no light was shed on the real cause of the disaster. After a one-year manhunt, the Delta Team has finally found a consistent trail, which leads directly to a secret governative project known as Schwarzerblitz, "the black lightning"...


Five button system: Guard, Punch, Kick, Tech and Trigger

Fluid Combo System: most attacks can chain into each other, leading to long combo strings

Impact attacks: send your opponent flying with powerful blows - as the only way to send them out of the ring

Trigger attacks: by using a trigger counter, one attack becomes guard-breaking and increases the hitstun, leading to easier combos and increased damage

Trigger Revenge / Combo Breaker: when comboed, you can use a trigger counter to cancel the hitstun and strike back against your opponent

You can find the build, more info and some really cool extras here!

Created by Andrea Demetrio