Because what more could you ask for?

While doing some shopping I came across this interesting title and for the price figured it would be worth a try. Now let me just say, this game definitely caught me by surprise. My expectations were not super high but it's actually REALLY fun. It features single player, online multiplayer and... LOCAL multiplayer (brownie points awarded) along with multiple game types you can choose from.

The graphics are pretty good, and the music fits really well (plus it works well on older PC's also which is always a plus). In reality though, it's all about the gameplay and well you get plenty of it. The player must simply grab a ball and try to hit the other players, and of course not get hit (or caught). You also have PLENTY of modifiers or power ups you can add that makes it even more fun. The jetpack for instance can get you around quicker, while the huge ball power up doubles the size of the dodgeball making it easier for you to catch a tricky opponent. I wont include every powerup or modifier, but just know there is something for everyone!

With that in mind there's also plenty of game modes besides the basic deathmatch/team deathmatch. You can play with 12 people (or bots) in modes like score match (Trick shots such as long distance shots, or catching someone in the air nets you more points.) Kingpin, where you must chase a golden dodgeball which gives you a jetpack along with the boomerang power up, while other players try to take you down. Tank Battle gives you a life bar and you must of course, destroy your other opponents before they destroy you. That's only a few of the numerous modes available.

One con I must say is the controls personally, now the GREAT thing is that it does offer full controller support. Though no matter what I changed I never really felt like my aiming was just right. It's still nice to at least have the option also mouse and keyboard does feel pretty darn good. If you plan on using a controller, just keep that in mind. There also can be quite a skill gap, because everyone usually gets thrown in a random pool of players ranging from impossible to horrible when playing online but its still all good fun.

As you win matches you can also customize your robot, which is always a plus. This can range from a silly mustache to a full on set of wings. It's nice seeing other players let there creativity show, ive seen some pretty decent avatars every now and then. The community is also pretty chill and I've never seen a instance of trash talking and what not. Even after getting pegged from across the map with a huge dodgeball.

Simply put, its a great game and I highly recommend it you may be able to find it on sale often so be on the lookout. Go ahead and grab a few friends (or enemies) and prepare for carnage!

You can get it here!

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