Verdict Guilty


Verdict Guilty is a very simple game that is more than easy to jump into. I actually purchased this title

Rivals Of Aether features 8 characters ( 4 more can be purchased making that 12) and that may not seem like a lot, but they all are very diverse. You could use the fire flinging Zetterburn and combo your opponent all over the map , or take it to the sky's with a character like Wrastor who can only use "smash" moves in the air! Every character has its pros and cons honestly so I would recommend taking time with each until you determine which may work best for you. It's also straight up fighting, meaning no items that can distract you or give the other player a edge.

You can also check out single player it features a practice mode/tutorial that walks you through things like wavedashing and parry's (the game features no guard unlike melee though). Adventure is also pretty interesting , each character has their own story which although it's not very deep I still think it was a nice addition. Plus once you beat it you unlock another pretty cool mode which I personally enjoy a good bit (I wont spoil it though)

The online is GREAT, and I had very few matches where I lost connection. The people you go up against is random of course, so you can end up fighting a newbie or someone that has played since release. I also would like to point out that I haven't had a issue finding a opponent, within a few seconds someone was joining my match. Although you wont be able to do much but 1 on 1's or money matches (where you bet your earned coins from winning / participating in fights ). My only bad experience was trying out team matches, which always seemed laggy and your partners being CPU's, instead of being able to invite friends and what not. I HIGHLY recommend this title, the game plus the dlc is 25.00 (15.00 for base). It has controller support (tested with XB1 controller) and has cool extras you can check out along with a nice soundtrack. I personally enjoyed being able to make my own color scheme for my characters, or going back and watching my replays from matches I may have forgotten about. The games been out for a bit but I'm really hoping the updates keep on rolling!

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