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Quick overviews of plenty of different retro games

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

GTA:VC released in 2002 by Rockstar Games was a superior addition to the series!

After a long time in a maximum security prison you play as Tommy Vercetti.

Sonny Forelli sends Tommy to Vice City, where he figures Tommy will capitilize on the boom of drug trade.

There you meet Ken Rosenburg, and the drug deal Sonny sets up goes sadly wrong.

Losing the men, drugs and money its safe to say Tommy was in a bit of trouble.

Tommy informs Sonny, that he will get i all back no matter the cost.

Vice City is set in 1986, and heavily based on Miami!

It was loved for many reasons such as the characters (Numerous voice actors that are still relevant!), soundtrack, graphics (at the time), and its wacky yet serious story.

If you havent played this your missing out, and you can even download it for your Android OR IPhone.

Sonic R

Sonic R was developed by Traveller's Tales and Sonic Team

It released for the Saturn, and then released on Windows.

It's the first 3D Sonic game!

The story really isnt explained at all, but basically your trying to stop Dr. Robotnik from obtaining the Chaos Emeralds as usual.

It features 10 playable characters!

The controls were a big mess and one of the factors that brings this one down.

Besides the controls, the game is very short.

If your taking it seriously you can beat the game within a afternoon.

Despite those things its still at least worth a try if you can find it for cheap.

The soundtrack is also one to remember!

Buck Bumble

Buck Bumble is a action game developed by Ubisoft for the N64

In the year 2010, a chemical spill in London, England, mutated the insects in surrounding areas.

Some of them joined together came together and became "The Herd" who plan to take over the world!

You play as Buck Bumble who willingly gets implanted with cyber technology.

As a part of the resistance your job is to take out the evil insects!

It has 19 missions and a good bit of weapons you can collect.

The game also has a multiplayer mode

One mode is basically Deathmatch, while the other is called BuzzBall!

Check out some gameplay of it below!

Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Heroes was released on the Sega Genesis, on September 9, 1993.

You pick between two characters Red and Blue, which represent different control schemes

Red being free shot, which allows the player to move freely while shooting; and Blue being Fixed Shot, which makes the player stay fixed in one spot while firing.

Throughout this 2D side scroller you will come across numerous enemies , tough bosses, and powerups to make your job easier.

Did you play this classic? Check out youtuber "Amy Rose" play through the whole game!

It Came From the Desert!

It Came From the Desert, was released on the Amiga, MS-DOS, Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive, and TurboGrafx-16

We will be talking about the TurboGrafx-16 version, which released later, but made use of full motion video

You assume the role of Dr. Greg Bradley, who comes to Lizard Breath, Nevada.

He studys a meteor crash, and eventually learns that the radiation from it is making ants HUGE!

It is also real-time, sleeping and driving consumes precious time and you only have 15 in game days.

If you dont located the ant colony and kill the queen before the 15 days, you will get a very depressing ending but if you succeed you'll get a good one.

It may take multiple playthroughs just to figure out how and whens the right time to go to certain places.

It Came From the Desert , is one of those games where its really more fun to play than explain so if you ever come across it (especially the turbografx-16 version) don't be afraid to give it a try.

Power Stone

Power Stone is a 3d Arena fighter, made by Capcom.

It was initially released on the Sega NAOMI hardware and later ported to the Dreamcast

It also released for the PSP in 2006.

Set in the 19th century, Strong believers of legends, myths, and superstitions search for fame and glory.

In this fighting game, you can use objects and more too earn a victory, or pick up "Power Stones" which transform your character into a much stronger version of himself/herself

You have a choice between 10 characters

Edward Falcon, the main character, uses the boxing fighting style and known as the "Red Whirlwind" in power change.

Wang Rang , resembles moves from a super saiyan, and known as "Agile Dragon" when in power change.

Ryoma, who's fighting style closely resembles a Master Swordsman

Ayame, Her power drives and fusions involve shurikens, known as the "Cherry Blossom Dancer" in power change.

Rouge has a Gypsy Dancing fighting style, She is known as the Scorching Beauty in power change.

Jack, has an original fighting style when in power change he is known as the "Mad Clown

Galuda, when in power change is known as the "Proud Eagle", and resembles a totem pole.

Gunrock, when in power change is known as "Heavy Tank".

Kraken, has a buccaneer fighting style. In power change he is known as "Ghost Pirate"

Valgas, has a wrestling style and its fairly quick AND strong

Apollus is Edward's butler, and resembles a "knight" during a power change.

If you find a copy of Power Stone, give this fighter a change!

Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance

Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance is a hack and slash RPG.

Released for the PS2 first, then saw a Xbox, Gamecube, and Game Boy Advance release

It is set in the "Forgotten Realms" campaign set of Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition

It's the first game in the Baldur's Gate series , released on a console.

When you start you have a choice of, a dwarven fighter, human archer, or elven sorceress.

Each of which have their own fighting style.

The game is pretty linear but if you check around your sure to find some sidequests.

It also features a cooperative mode with another player.

The GBA version did add more side-quests, but no co-op.

Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance is a great pick up and play game, with a good bit of difficulty. Highly reccomended.

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