Raxasoft Games (Q&A)

Raxasoft and i sat down to play some classic Contra, and catch up on things.

Me and Raxasoft Games sat down to play some Contra, here’s a few of the questions from the Q&A

Codex: How long have you been involved with Game Development?
Raxasoft Games: Well it has been between a little over a year since our first release, so maybe a year and change, two years

Codex: What encouraged you to get into Game Development
Raxasoft Games: I kind of looked at it as a happy accident, I kind of amassed a whole bunch of information and sat down and was like
"Well why not" When I was younger I told myself I probably wouldn’t get involved with it, but things happen...

*5 minutes in, I lose my last life.*

Codex: Okay, as far as with Mobile Astro, if you were explaining it to a player which boss is the toughest?
Raxasoft Games: The hardest boss for to me maybe the final boss of the second arcade mode,
by the time you get there your battered and a partial boss rush leading up to it doesn’t help. doesn’t help.

Codex: I remember attempting the Boss Mode, I just couldn’t do it.
Raxasoft Games: Yea, it's not for the faint of heart.

Raxasoft Games: It's hard for me to pinpoint one though, mainly because I made it so now it’s pretty much etched in my memory.

Codex: Any plans for Mobile Astro in the future?
Raxasoft Games: Ehhh, I really don't want to work on another top down shooter.
Someday maybe, but not anytime soon. When I first released that game it, had 10 stages and a survival mode.
Soon after that, I added more content (eight stages and boss rush mode).
You get tired of working on the same thing after a while.

Codex: So, after the whole development process and releasing the game, what do you do after. Do you dive right into something, or do you take some time off?
Raxasoft Games: Well I take a brief nap :) ....

Codex: Alright let me rephrase it then, when you submit/upload your game, what do you do.
Raxasoft Games: Well, you know, I kind of start spreading the word around, because of course you want people to play it.
You just sort of sit and wait for any problems to pop up, kind of like being in a support mode usually. -

Codex: Game development has always been something I was interested in as a kid but couldn't grasp.
Raxasoft Games: Well it's easier than ever now, you have things like Game maker, and ClickTeam Fusion the engine I use.

Codex: You said you use ClickTeam Fusion? I've never heard of that one.
Raxasoft Games: Yea, ClickTeam Fusion 2.5, it’s easy to use, and obviously it may get more complicated
as you do more complicated things but ya know for the price it's kind of easy to work with.

Codex: When I played I couldn’t tell what engine it used, but I could tell that it wasn't just thrown together.
Raxasoft Games: Well the more effort you put in the better result.

Codex: I think that is one issue, there's so much random things out there it can somewhat overshadow good titles.
Raxasoft Games: Oh yeah, theres a lot of shovel ware out there.

Codex: I'm not sure if it's because of the whole greenlight change with steam, but now it seems like theres a major overabundance of games being put up.
Some that seem as if they haven't even been tested and its crazy wondering how it even got out.
Raxasoft Games: It's kind of a trade off with the death of greenlight I think

*Realizes I’m still dead and wonders how Raxasoft is doing so well*

Raxasoft Games: Greenlight did some stipulations.
Codex: Well how did that work exactly?

Raxasoft Games: Well it's something I never really figured out. It seems to come down to statistics, Astro was approved with a semi low rating so, it's hard to say exactly how they do it.
With steam direct, I believe you just put up about a 100$ and get it back once you hit a certain threshold.
With a pay wall it may help decrease the amount of shovel ware.
*Finally comes back to life, jumps back into game*

Codex: Now I asked you this about Mobile Astro, so now I must ask for Project Mercury, toughest boss?
Raxasoft Games: Let me think on that one.

Raxasoft Games: The boss in the wall climbing stage, is tough…

*dies again*
Raxasoft Games:A good runner up would be the boss from the pit stage.
If you stay in a certain place on the stage, you can get many free hits in, but I won't go in detail.

Codex: I somewhat remember that from Mobile Astro. I remember pretty much sticking to a certain area and letting loose.
Raxasoft Games: With Mobile Astro, it's much more about getting off as much shots as possible.

Codex: Did you do the art for Project Mercury by yourself?
Raxasoft Games: Yes, that and the music. I put it all together over time.

Codex: So, Project Mercury 2? What's going on with that?
Raxasoft Games: There's a few things that are already done, it's a little bit different.
There won’t be a stage select or anything anymore, as you play the game saves after 3-4 levels and you move on.

Codex: Ah well that is different!
Raxasoft Games: Yea it's a work in progress like I said, I’m planning on hopefully releasing it in spring.

Raxasoft Games: There were some things I felt I could improve on in the first game.
Codex: What do you mean by that?

Raxasoft Games: Well for example, I didnt like the jump mechanic at launch. I just released an update recently making it more fluid.
The bottomless pit may be my least favorite part of the game, so, I’m not sure that type of gameplay will be making a return,
but I’m still in the midst of figuring all that out. I just want more going on, more action and everything.

Codex: How will the story be in Project Mercury 2?
Raxasoft Games: Well, the story in the first one was somewhat thin. Kind of anemic.
I want to add more to it. It's more about the character than the mission.
It's going to pick up right where the first left off. It's not going to have a huge amount of blablabla exposition, though.

Codex: So basically, keeping the player to strive forward?
Raxasoft Games: Pretty much!

*More banter*

Codex: Ya know, when I played Mercury, I noticed a few elements from games such as this (Contra).
I’m going to assume it had a lot of inspiration from classic games.
Raxasoft: Yeah, I took the bits and pieces I liked and stuck it all together.

Codex: Have you ever thought of dealing with other genres, since this will be your 2nd platformer?
Raxasoft: Well, yeah, definitely.Things like action adventure (whatever that means). Maybe a RPG?
I'd like to make do something a bit less traditional. There are plenty of ways to go about it.

*Realizes I’ve been dead for another ten minutes*
*Changes amount of lives *

Codex: Will vehicles be returning in this one?
Raxasoft: There will be hoverbike stages.

Codex: If you were speaking to an aspiring developer, what would be your advice.
Raxasoft: Get ready to do a bunch of work. It can be a long slog. Also, if you're prepared for the possibility that things might not go as planned, you'll have a much better time.

We continued and finished the game, it was a tough run (maybe not as tough for Raxasoft) but in the process, I learned a good bit and realized how much I sucked at Contra.
You can watch part of the video while its still available below.

Watch Contra 3 & Q&A with Raxasoft Games / Codexstrial.com from codexstrial on www.twitch.tv Be sure to check out Project Mercury and , Mobile Astro, there relatively cheap and worth a play.
Be on the lookout for Project Mercury 2 also, it seems like Raxasoft is putting a good bit of work into it.