Puzzle Puppers

By: Gamesmasher Jay

Puzzle Puppers is really interesting as a game concept. It's a puzzle game where you stretch dogs along a puzzle map to get their food bowl. Although I detest dogs and puzzles I figured I'd give it a shot, I've never really played a game like this before. Made by Cardboard Keep, A tiny game dev studio based in Canberra, Australia. Cardboard Keep was co-founded in 2011 by Calum Spring, Timothy Bermanseder, and Rob Krix. Since then they have made a decent set of titles before Puzzle Puppers all which you can see at here.
With all that being said let's play Puzzle Puppers!

So when you launch the game you get the title screen and some very melancholy music. Like I said the point is to stretch each dog to their dog bowl but you can pick up hams on the way for extra points. And notice how I said each dog, as you progress more dogs will be added to the map and you gotta stretch each dog to their bowl. Think of it like you're building a pipe system and each pipe is a different color. There's holes on the ground that are also different colors. You have to stretch each pipe to its matching hole without blocking the other pipes paths. Sounds easy now, probably gets a lot harder as the game progresses.

I got through the first set of levels no problem, the good part about this game is that it doesn't have a time limit and you can reverse your decisions if you mess up too bad. There's a star system that I'm guessing is based off of how many hams you collect throughout the game. You can get up to 3 stars per level. Once you're on the next set of levels they start bringing new game mechanics in like holes. Which your Puzzle Pupper will dig through to move onto the next part of the stage. This was cool for me because I could only imagine how boring doing the same style of puzzle over and over again would be.

15 levels in and I'm feeling the heat. The game starts getting way more challenging as it should, but I still got three hearts on each level! I just wished they would've added more to the music variety as you hear the same track over and over again. There are ads on the game but it's free so deal with it. I will say this game does make you think on a higher intelligence level once you get deeper into the game. I came into it thinking it's a kids puzzle game but they have some adult level thinking puzzles too. Make sure you got the aspirin ready because Puzzle Puppers is a thinker! And with 80 different levels you'll definitely have a lot to think about.

Well 25 levels in and I think I've got enough to go on, they add more puzzle mechanics as you go on but I'm not gonna spoil it. This is definitely a game you wanna get your kids for their phone. It will keep them occupied as it is a thinking game. I managed to get perfect scores on the first 25 levels so it's not hard. Truth is I'm terrible at puzzles but Puzzle Puppers is definitely a title you guys should check out if you love puzzle games.

It's available for Android , IOS , Steam and the Nintendo Switch so it's got my thumbs up, that's my review for Puzzle Puppers go check it out!

This is Gamesmasher Jay signing out.

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