Project Mercury

By: Gamesmasher Jay

Project Mercury is a game that was developed and published by Raxasoft Games, an Indie gaming company formed in 2016. I actually found out about this game through Chris Black, the developer-in-chief of Raxasoft, during their hurricane relief giveaway for Irma victims. But it wasn’t just me anybody who was affected by Irma was given free steam keys for not only Project Mercury but Mobile Astro, another game they developed and released. That being said lets get into Project Mercury!

I talked to Mr. Black and he said that Project Mercury was inspired by 80's retrofuture and several nights of recreational activities. "It actually started off as a shoot 'em up that played a lot like the turbo tunnel part in Battletoads!", Chris said during my Q & A with him. "After sporadically thinking of things, I eventually landed on a platforming action game" It takes me back to the NES era of games, I see aspects of Contra, Ninja Gaiden, and Battletoads all well blended into one game.

Just make sure you're using your aim button so you don't run off edges like I did. It's slightly difficult, but so is Dark Souls and Cuphead, so get good! After 30 minutes of playing I already got a good idea on how to play the game and I actually successfully attempted to speed run certain parts after a few tries. And I rarely play these kind of games.

You get a blaster when you start the game, you know your standard "pew-pew" pistol, what I appreciate is that Raxasoft made it so you don't have tap shoot continuously shoot lasers you can just hold the button down and voila, no carpal tunnel. The game gives you a brief period to work out the controls but after that the fun begins. The objective is like any other side-scroller make it from point A to point B and take out any baddies in your way. Jumping is pretty good you can actually let go of the jump button so your character stops rising up, it makes for more precise jumping. You can also climb walls like a ninja!

So the first level took me 15 minutes to complete, not bad. Then you go to an overworld with 4 different stages. The first is a Battletoads like stage where they ride their bikes through the stage and everything's moving. This one I only had to continue once but after that I had an almost flawless boss fight with the wasp queen! The second stage after that felt like I was playing retro Megaman and it felt pretty nice. Had a lot of trouble with the boss of this stage but I figured it out and beat that laser shooting bully! You're also treated to a cut scene after this stage and you get a new weapon to play with!

Another thing that I appreciate is that Raxasoft put continues in the game and the game saves where you left off after each mission. So there's no stress on having to beat it in one sitting. One of the things I always hated about retro games was that if you die three times you have to start the game over. They also have a good variety of music in the game. It doesn't feel like a repetitive loop so to whoever did the music for the game, hats off to you! As a huge fan of retro games the music in Project Mercury definitely takes me back to the good old days. This game was put together very well, and it only took six to seven months to put together!

So my opinion on the game is it's a really fun platformer to get into. But don't expect an easy playthrough, only the skilled will survive in Project Mercury! But the game is easy to pick up on with the controls. I feel like this game was inspired buy a multitude of games and I feel like its cool the developers took certain aspects of all our favorite games, blended them together and the results were really great. Project Mercury is worth your time and if you wanna get it you can find it on Steam for $4.99

As far as what's next for Raxasoft Chris had this to say: "We have two games under development right now, but we are not ready to discuss what they are.
What I can say is that one of themwillbe available this year. Well that’s my review on Project Mercury, now GO PLAY IT!

This is Gamesmasher Jay signing out.

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