Polystar Review

By: Gamesmasher Jay

Polystar is a mobile game available on android and ios. It has over 1,000 downloads and is highly rated on the google play store.
Dex told me about this game and I just had to try it out.

Polystar was developed and released by Kyle Berger, an independent game developer. I asked Kyle how long he has been developing games for and this is what he had to say:

"I have been developing games for a few years now. I started prototyping a few things in college, but it wasn't until my senior year that I actually started working on my first real game


I released Toast the summer after I graduated and its been on the app store for about 2 years now. Shortly after I began working on Polystar!"

Polystar took about 6 months to develop. Kyle also noted that the mechanics in the game were really challenging to figure out, especially with the bosses and the power-ups.
He said he added a lot of depth to the game by making each color of enemy behave slightly different as well.
Which is true, but you'll read more about that later. I asked Kyle what inspired him to make Polystar and he said this:

"I really enjoyed playing games like space invaders, and I wanted to create a game that was both challenging, and involved math.
I wanted to develop a game that used little to no files / images and instead drew the entire app with the app itself. Polystar has no images, its just made out of lines drawn by the app!"
I just wanna say that’s pretty damn cool how Kyle was able to make such an awesome space shooter just like that.

The game didn't take long to download at all, just under a minute and it was already installed on my phone. Plus it was free and that's always a bonus!
I gotta send a shoutout to whoever made the music cause this soundtrack is banging! And the title screen is really well designed.

Now I start the game and I'm like "Great, another asteroids ripoff."

After 5 minutes my mind was changed. Unlike Asteroids you're going in a straight direction, taking down any ships in your way.
The ships are shaped like polygons hence the name Polystar. You also get power ups as you go along like most space shooters!

You play through various waves, you have to maneuver through laserfire and destroy all the ships making your way to the boss round.
You get some cool power-ups, my personal favorite was the automatic laserfire upgrade.
This game does get progressively harder as you go on but not due to game design, you just need skill to play games like these.
My advice is to keep your hands as far to the edges of the screen as possible.
I have huge hands so I had to deal with blocking my screen at first but if you keep your thumbs on the edge of the screen you will be fine.

The cool part about this game is that it gives you achievements in-game as you progress, so there's always a challenge to be conquered.
But it is challenging, I'm so bad at this I only made it past the second boss but the game is playable.
I just suck. But I enjoyed playing Polystar. I rarely play phone games too but I highly recommend it for anybody who's looking for a space game to chill on.
It can get addicting after a while so make sure you're taking breaks every hour. Plus unlike most phone games you rarely get ads on this game.

One thing I noticed about this game is that none of the waves are the same.
You get a different experience with the game every time you play it.

And that goes a long way

That's something that most of the more mainstream games can take a lesson from. I had different enemy spawns, different power-ups, and different boss battles with each playthrough.
I didn't have one moment where I was bored playing polystar, each playthrough gave a new and exciting play experience that had me grinding for 2 hours straight just to set my highest score.
Unfortunately I'm only skilled enough to make it past the second boss, but this game would have an intense score run if anyone attempted.


So in closing Polystar is a really fun space shooter for your phone. You can get a lot of playtime on this game to set the highest score, Plus the game is free so what are you waiting for?
Go download it now for your android or iphone and get on the polystar space craze.
Like I stated earlier this isn't just me saying this, just look at the games stats on the google play store: 4.5 stars and over 1K downloads.
So I implore everyone to check out this epic poly-venture! I asked Kyle what he's working on next and he said he's working on a game called Pixelot.
He said it's gonna be a mobile RPG that takes inspiration from games like
Pokemon and Final Fantasy you can try the demo here

Alright guys that's my review on Polystar, This is Gamesmasher Jay, signing out!

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