Mutant Duck Invasion

By: Gamesmasher Jay

So not a lot of mobile games grab my interest by title, mainly because I rarely play mobile games, But when Codexstrial told me about Mutant Duck Invasion I had to check it out. Developed by Primordial Echo and available on the android and apple store this game has a 4.8 star rating and lots of praise in the review section. Primordial Echo is a small mobile gaming company in Queensland, Australia. With that being said lets get into this game and stop these Mutant Ducks from destroying the town!

So in MDI (Mutant Duck Invasion) you use fireworks to fend off mutant ducks from destroying your city. You start the game to some jamming music, you can play now or hit the tutorial first. You can also check the global leaderboards, your achievements, there's even a bio page for the ducks. The game is your normal tap and shoot game, your shooting from the bottom up at ducks descending on the town. You start off with one cannon, but killing ducks give you feathers you can use to purchase upgrades. You could also purchase stuff like force fields and a golden duck that lets you start from your current wave if you die. I'm up to wave 5 and I'm holding it down with a freeze cannon that turns ducks into blocks of ice so its very chill to say the least.

The music during the game can be a little too relaxing given the situation, I mean mutant ducks are taking over you think we can get some chaotic music? But other than that I like how they implemented watching ads into the game as it will give you one free perk on their perk wheel for watching an ad. You're gonna wanna start getting combo blasts on the birds fast though as the game will get progressively harder as you go, with bigger and badder birds one the way. One bird even drops lightning onto your city but if you have a force field it recharges the field. Which begs the question what the hell is going on in this town? And once you get to the lightning ducks you better be ready because they're fixing to show no mercy on the town.

Made it to Wave 8 before I went down. Honestly there were better ways I could've strategized on how to get those ducks but it was my first playthrough. I'm sure with practice and strategy I could easily make it to wave 20. And its not like feathers are hard to get if you get the right chain reaction of ducks you'll be flying in feathers Apparently there's boss fights later on too as it says on the achievement page. As hectic as those ducks were I could only imagine how hectic the bosses get. But if you make it to Wave 42 you get the biggest achievement, think you guys are up for the challenge?

So my opinion on MDI is that it's pretty good. Kinda like Angry Birds but not really. I had fun playing this I'm just wondering on how this invasion came to be. I need mutant duck lore guys! But it's got good reviews, and its available for FREE on Android and Ios so make sure you check it out! Also don't forget to follow Primordial Echo on Twitter as I see another title is under development by them called Beanystalk.

Well this is Gamesmasher_Jay with another game review, be kind and watch the skies for ducks!

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