Mario Party 4

"Mario Party 4" is a fun time waster

With a new Mario Party blasting out in every Nintendo platform almost every year, the fourth entry of the series may not be the best one, but is by far the simplest one for mainstay fans and newbies. Although later games created gimmicks that would alter the overall experience, four is competitive and quite unpredictable when playing with several friends. Whether in a battle royale or team setting, up to four players can compete in six different boards. Each board established a theme based on the host, which ranged from a Goomba, Koopa and even a Boo. Although the selection is not quite memorable, some of the motifs are creative and avoid some of the annoying pitfalls found in older games, where boards may screw you over through tedious movement. The main objective is collecting stars through a set number of turns to win, with minigames played at the end of everyone’s turn, which can yield in more coins that are used to spend on items or stars. Much of the novelty of the board game experience is still there, with the minigames still being the main part of actual gameplay. With a small variety that required two buttons and movement, many are remastered versions of earlier games with a few different mix-ups here or there. Others would pit players in 3v1 or 2v2 scenarios, which also built up competition and form temporary alliances in the free-for-all frenzy. Overall, the game is interesting enough for an afternoon with friends, as well as less mess than a game of Monopoly.
Side note: playing a single player story in Mario Party is like dancing in a club alone for 20 straight hours.

Video by NintenU

Written by Jarek Martinez