Landflix Oddysey

Game is in development!

Landflix Odissey is a 2D Platformer that mixes many gameplay elements from various genres. Play as Larry, a lazy binge watcher who ends up in a dimension based on his favourite Landflix (a video-on-demand parody) tv shows. Make him travel through shows to gather new powers based on their characters, while helping them, and defeat an evil genius trying to conquer the world. Help him gather blueprints for his scientist relative, “Uncle Doc”, to power up said skills.

Here's some of the "shows" you can expect to see in this title.

The first show you have to travel through is called the other side and has a horror-themed feel, as you travel through forests, schools and labs. In this stealth based world, you’ll have to use your skill to travel between parallel worlds

The second show is set in an icy world dominated by an evil queen and the army of the undead. The perfect fantasy setting! In this metroid-vania like world you’ll have to fight your way through an undead horde, explore castles and ride a dragon to reach and defeat the evil queen.

Zombie horde? Check. A weapon to fight it back? Check. Explore this ”Metal Slug” like world as you use your crossbow and its many kind of arrows to reach the CEO’s base and have your final confrontation with him!

For more information on Larry, powerups, shows , and supporting the game head here!

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