Kwarm Armada Tactics

Game in development - Build Available

Kwarn Armada Tactics (K.A.T) is a real-time tactical combat game (RTS) that puts you at the head of an armada of drones. Position drones skillfully on the ground to increase their power. Deploy them in formation to break the enemy lines, surprise the enemy or counter his attacks. Unleash the special powers of your general to overthrow the course of the battle. K.A.T will experience your tactical sense and your speed of reflexion like never before!

Solo Campaign, quick play with 9 types of games, 2 players game on the same tablet or online ... The galaxy is waiting for you to put renegades out out of action.

Recruit the best general for your tactic and use its powers to reinforce your position or reverse the course of the battle!

K.A.T. will be avaible on PC, Android, iOS and UWP (Universal Windows Platform - Windows 10, Xbox One and Windows 10 Mobile)


A tactical and fast gameplay you've never seen before !

27 different drones with 10 levels of upgrade !

12 unique generals with 18 levels of upgrade !

36 powers to reverse the course of battle !

A replayable campaign mode !

10 types of game !

An advanced and daunting AI with 4 levels of difficulty!

A 2-player mode on the same screen !

More in depth info including characters, features, and the demo can be found HERE!