Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic


KOTOR is a RPG released for the Xbox and PC, set in the Star Wars universe. There are many different things about this game to discuss and I will cover them all extensively. Although one of the main features many will enjoy in the game, is the Light/Dark side decision making allowing you to alter your characters in many ways.

"So many numbers"

First off the game may seem simple to jump into, but as you enter combat you will see the game uses DND rules. With that in mind there's 3 character classes to choose from, a Soldier, Scout or a Scoundrel. Each class is VERY different however, if you pick a Soldier class you may get a lot of cool "Feats", but you would get much less points to invest in other "Skills" and "Attributes " (and more as you progress through the game). It's good to take your time with the character creator and read the descriptions, so you know your getting the best investments. With that in mind I constantly found myself ready for the next level up, so I could get that next upgrade or move. Sadly the level cap is only 20, but there's plenty of action along the way, and although the game does last a bit you don't have to be maxed out to beat the game . The fact that you can mold your team to be in whatever position they need to be in is a nice touch.

"Make your own path"

From the start of the game you're thrown into the action, and as you move through the game you'll meet many different people and your party members. Although it may seem somewhat slow at first, I have to admit the best part of the game is making decisions you know will impact something. Your companions are a varied bunch ranging from assassin droid to wookies, and some of your actions can even make them dislike you or try to harm you at some point. If you play your cards right you can even learn some hidden back history or romance certain members. The story itself is also very interesting, even though you wont run into any known Star Wars characters. The story is interesting enough to keep you invested. Many Jedi Knights have been killed by a former Jedi, Darth Malak who also betrayed his master Revan leaving many of the Jedi scattered or turned to the dark side. I wont spoil to much of the story but it will leaving you wanting more and more. With the Light/Dark alignment in mind, there is definitely plenty of enjoyment from both sides and different endings depending on your alignment through the game. (Although Force powers are also affected by this, using a light sided power such as heal will take much more of your force points than a dark side power like force choke.)

One of a kind

There really isn't much negative to say about this game, you may run into a occasional glitch sometimes but theres nothing that seriously ruins the experience. The story itself is more than enough to classify it as a game people wont forget especially for a Star Wars fan. With rewarding gameplay (Even though i still wish the level cap was higher) ,interesting characters and plenty of known places to travel too such as Korriban and Dantooine its a blast to play. If you haven't gotten your hands on this treasure don't be afraid.

Its worth it.

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