Platformer Games

Enjoy some creative platformers!

Game Developer Status Platform
Eat All The Things Stami Studios In Development (Build Available) Switch, PC/Mac/Linux, Android
Fur Guardians Pandcorps Released Android
Ice Trap Markus Ranner In Development IOS
Project Mercury Raxasoft Games In Development (Releases 9/20/17) PC
Shawy Adventures Marcelo Fernandex In Development (Build Available) PC/Mac/Linux
Stoned Shieldgenerator7 In Development (Build Available) PC
Super Lumi Live GemiGamesDev Released PC
Stickman World Dilmer Valecillo's Released IOS
Tandor's Big Quest Moraine The Sorceress Released Android
Warriors Of Ari Kauer Games In Development PC
X-Drums Inkumori Released PC/Mac, Android, IOS