Warriors Of Ari

A nation of felines called the Clowder Alliance is now at war with a nation across the seas, the evil Ophidian Empire. It is the goal of the Empire to enslave the felines once again, the same way they did 519 years ago.

X Drums

X-Drums is an old school pixel art platformer where you are playing as a Japanese drummer, who is picking up notes on his way to Los Angeles.

Shawy Adventures

Shawy Adventures is a Retro Action Platformer inspired by the early GameBoy games.‚Äč It's in development and there are playable builds updated regularly on

Eat All The Things

A platformer with a stealth element. Eat all the things without getting caught!


In Stoned, play as a petrified unicorn in this exact predicament and help it find the cure.

Project Mercury

Following the disappearance of an elite team sent to investigate the menace, you have been tasked with determining their fate and bringing the madness to a swift end.

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