Action/Adventure Games


You play as a mighty stick-man dominating other stick-mans' trying to obliterate you with their axes.

Mystery of Melody Memorial

"Mystery of Melody Memorial is a rhythm-based adventure game inspired by the likes of the PaRappa the Rapper and Paper Mario series!"

Omega Strike

Omega Strike is a 2d action adventure game with multiple playable characters and an interconnected world.

Kingdom Bash

Developed as a love letter to classic games, with the intention of bringing back couch multiplayer. Throw a party and encourage friends as they demolish each other in fast-paced multiplayer.

Lil Big Invasion

Lil Big Invasion is an exploration based adventure game with unique puzzle solving mechanics.

Brides Of Vampira

Brides of Vampira is a multiplayer co-op action adventure VR game for PC and consoles.

Atlantis Attacks

How long can you fend off their underwater bio-mechanical horrors with your trusty laser-sub?

Legends of Ellaria

Rule and influence the immersive world around you based on your own decisions. Expand your borders, improve your economy, practice diplomacy, or conquer your neighbors.