Ice Trap

Game is in development

A chilled out iOS game about ice, fire, and two guinea pigs. A unique mix of brain-busting physics puzzles and classic 8-bit style arcade action! (Coming soon)

Save Oats & Honey! The poor little guinea pigs have been trapped and separated from each other in a maze of ice, obstacles and deadly hazards.

Melt the ice blocks with your fireballs to put things in motion and bring Oats & Honey back together on 100+ levels full of addictive fun and mind-boggling puzzles!

You can find more information, screenshots and more at the game's website here!

Sidenote from Developer

I'm a solo indie dev from the northern part of Sweden, making games with Corona. We have a lot of snow and ice up here a big part of the year, which is probably the reason why I came up with this game idea about ice in the first place...

Here is the game's Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube!