Cant believe it's fact!

Game is in development! (Build Available)

I Can't Believe It's Fact! This crazy and fun game will have you at the edge of your seat while you battle your friends with this fresh style of trivia.

This game will have you proving you are either a know-it-all or you are a great #alternateFacts mastermind. You will be presented with a random question, and you must fill in what you think would make that fact true. For example, A group of cats is called a ____. Is it a flock, murder, or some other outrageous thing?! Find out by playing I Can't Believe It's Fact!

Get points by guessing the right answer, or by tricking others into thinking your answer is the correct one.

What are you waiting for, it is time for I Can't Believe It's Fact!

It can be found here.

Made by Human Escape