News: Changes to Hearthstone's Pack Opening Experience

For fans of Hearthstone, Blizzard’s Online Trading Card game, major news hit the web today directly from Ben Brode, Hearthstone’s Game Director.

Starting next expansion, players will not open duplicate legendary cards; if you own a legendary card, it will not appear in packs.This also means that crafting legendaries can be done with the knowledge that you are eliminating another legendary you could possibly open, effectively making completing your collection much easier. As the most difficult cards to obtain and the limitation of one copy of each in a deck, compared to the limit of two for other rarities, opening a legendary card you already owned was extremely frustrating.

Along with no duplicate legendaries, players are guaranteed to open a legendary within the first ten packs they open of any new expansion. This in combination with the forty pack “Pity Timer”, that guarantees a player opens a legendary at least every forty packs, makes obtaining new legendaries much easier.

Why the changes? With the advent of multiple new expansions a year for Hearthstone and the Standard format, which limits players to only the last two years of expansions and Basic cards, breaking into the game for newer players could be an expensive endeavour. While power level in Hearthstone is not determined solely by rarity, legendary cards, on average, do have more to offer than cards of a lower rarity and may be more challenging to replace in the functioning of a given deck (i.e. Deathrattle decks cannot replace N’zoth). The changes will help newer players access legendaries that will make them feel like their decks can compete with other players who have played longer.

Another minor but welcomed change is the limitation of new getting more copies of a card than you can have in your deck in a single pack. Blizzard devs may have realized that opening three or four copies of a common card you already had a dozen copies of does little to drive pack sales.

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Written by: David Wier