Hearthstone Knights of the Frozen Throne Card - Preview (Part 5)

Rating Scale: Unplayable, Terrible, Bad, Average, Good, Amazing

A mind blowing card. Combo this with a second copy of itself and Control Warrior has infinite value, the one thing stopping it from competing with other Control decks. This card alone pushes Warrior back to the top of Control decks.


This is another card at the mercy of the meta. In Control matchups this card is clearly useless, and in Aggro matchups it is clearly very powerful. What is important to consider is the midrange matchups and the types of games you’ll see in Arena. Being down 2 or 3 minions is quite possible for Druid, but the 1 attack of the scarabs does little to change the board state. While the 5 health will stave off a significant amount of damage, stopping damage without making significant trades is not enough on a class that does not play a burst game.


On top of the written text, Frost Lich Jaina’s Hero Power also summons a Water Elemental if it kills a minion. Mages are effective at controlling health, so that power will see a lot of use. 9 mana cards always raise a bit of caution, but this one seems to overcome that challenge with flying colors. By offering a bit of armor and giving your Elementals Lifesteal, this card can save you from lethal and give you the tools to stave off death with Lifesteal until you can overwhelm them. This card alone gives Elemental Mage a shot at being a Tier 1 deck, but Mage will need other elemental support to make it a truly elite deck.


Speaking of Mage Elementals, here’s an early game addition with an interesting effect. The ability to Freeze opponents in the early game cannot be overstated. A Mage with a poor opening hand can use this card and their Hero Power to stave off the opponent until they can start dropping powerful midrange Elementals like Water Elemental. This card will see a lot of play in Arena and is a start to the additions Elemental Mage would need to be elite.


Very poor. If the effect was “less or equal to” there would be some potential, but you would need at minimum one hand buff to hit this card just to summon any minion, and for most Handbuff decks they want their minions in their hand for a few turns to get buffed.


A very bad card. It’s effect is difficult to trigger, and even if you can trigger it once you’re getting 7/5 in stats for 6. Even that is nothing to get excited about. On top of that, it has to be your minions, not just any. The effect is mediocre, comes in a terrible body of stats at too expensive a cost.


On the other end of Neutral Commons, this card is insanely powerful. Even if it had no text, a 5 mana 5/5 with the Dragon tag would likely see consistent play in Arena. Combine that with, in most cases, a guaranteed +3 attack buff, essentially 8/5 for 5, and you have the makings of a top tier Arena card. On the Constructed side of things we may not see nearly as much play, as it’s cost, tag and effect do not mesh well for most renditions of Constructed Dragon decks we have seen.


Against aggro, this card is a vanilla 2 /3, and there are worse cards you could play, but against Control this is a guaranteed 1 for 1 that offers a little board presence. Imagine discarding an opponent's Dead Man's Hand, or their Tirion, or their Inner Fire. These are all obviously best case scenarios, but even with an average outcome of its effect this card can be extremely powerful. In both power and design this is a good card


A solid addition to Warrior’s Arena game, playing this card on curve almost guarantees you get one ghoul, and 3/6 for stats on a 3 drop is very good. Following it up on the next turn with Warrior’s new weapon that deals 1 damage to all minions offers insane leaps in tempo. Although Dead Man's Hand ensures the presence of Control Warrior in the meta, Warrior’s other additions open the door to other, more traditionally Tempo based approaches to the class, and this card may be included in those types of decks.


A weak body with an average effect. This card seems to fit into Blizzard’s midrange game plan for Hunter, but this card may not see a spot on many decklists. The inconsistency of Hunter drafts plus the one dimensional nature of their Hero Power makes Hunter a difficult class to play any way other than Aggro in Arena, and this card’s effect just may not be powerful enough to warrant Construction play, especially as it lacks the beast tag.


Written by: David Wier