Hearthstone Knights of the Frozen Throne Card - Preview (Part 3)

Rating Scale: Unplayable, Terrible, Bad, Average, Good, Amazing

More midrange Hunter support. A middling addition to Hunter’s offerings, the 3 spot is already dominated by more powerful cards. This card will not make many waves in the coming meta, but there are worse 3 drops to be offered in Arena.


Another N'Zoth! And it’s only 9 mana! But its effect is a deathrattle. And it has a poor statline… As with any high cost card, you have to see immediate results on the board to make the cost worth it. At 9 mana with its effect being a deathrattle this card does not offer that. Its beast tag is also irrelevant. Even for Ramp Druid, this card is useless because you’ll be playing it before your big deathrattle minions go down. A late game card that there is simply no room for.


Very interesting card. Although at face value it seems very powerful (imagine summoning a Highmane), its actual results would be extremely mixed due to the nature of some of the most powerful Hunter cards. Many of them summon 1/1 or 2/2 beast tokens (Highmane, Rat Pack, Alley Cat) that would be added to the pool of potential minions to be summoned. In a midrange Hunter deck that runs tempo beasts like Animal Companion or Vicious Fledging with non-Beast support this card could be quite powerful, but it’s limiting nature will leave it rarely seen in Constructed. If Hunter finds themselves in a position to play a slower Arena game, this card will be a powerful addition.


Interesting effect on a mediocrely stated card. Choosing effects secretly leads to more interesting player interactions and improves the ability of Hearthstone to incorporate mindgames and bluffs; this card will be able to showcase extremely talented play. Or, it would, if the effects were not so different and predictable. The 3 damage deathrattle effect is quite powerful and offers Druid an actual solid board clear. That effect alone will earn this card solid playing time in Arena Druid. The +2/+2 deathrattle effect is too slow to be included in any decks that would benefit from it; namely those we see in Constructed.


The new expansion seems to be pushing a Divine Shield Paladin archetype, but even so this card will struggle to see much play. Truesilver is too consistent to be threatened for its 4 drop slot by a card like this. 4 charges is extremely valuable but buffing the attack enough to be relevant will be extremely challenging in Arena and even in the current Constructed. With 4 charges and no healing this weapon also puts you at risk for taking too much damage; there are few 6 or 7 drops you want to be hitting head on with the final charges of this weapon.


An extremely powerful card. If it takes one effect, it’s about on par with an average Arena card. If it nabs two it is extremely powerful in Arena and can find a place in many Constructed decks. Beyond that this card is just insane. It’s versatile and will be able to fit into many different kinds of decks, and on top of that introduces a unique and refreshing battlecry effect. This is a great card, both in power level and design.


Another Bolvar card that has to sit in your hand to power up. Keep in mind this card itself has Divine Shield, so it is guaranteed to buff itself at least once, barring a silence. For this card to be considered playable, I’d estimate it needs one charge of it’s effect to trigger; a 5 mana 3/7 Divine Shield that turns into a 5/7 upon the popping of it’s shield. If Paladin continues to receive Divine Shield support this card could find a spot in a few decklists. In Arena this card will have to compete with some of the strongest Legendaries in the game, so it may not be a player’s choice all that often.


A solid neutral common addition. It will not swing games on its own (i.e. Bog Creeper) but it will open up some powerful trades by buffing a 6 drop. Although it is by no means Constructed powerful, we will be seeing plenty of this card in Arena.


More enrage support? It is a cheap trigger for enrage effects, but we already have a cheap trigger in the form of Whirlwind, and that card also damages opponents. This card's only benefit over Whirlwind is that its effect persists while it’s on the board, but if its effect is powerful enough to warrant it an opponent can easily remove it at 3 health. It’s hard to imagine a situation where this card is better than Whirlwind, or that you drafted an Arena deck with enough synergy to make this card a viable.


Solid card. Able to trigger some 1 drop deathrattles or to be used on one of your many Fire Flies. A straightforward card that will be powerful in Arena in a fast paced Warlock deck or in new renditions of Zoo Warlock.

Written by: David Wier