Hearthstone Knights of the Frozen Throne Card - Preview (Part 2)

Rating Scale: Unplayable, Terrible, Bad, Average, Good, Amazing

Another card with an insane prerequisite trigger and a seemingly underwhelming effect. This card could be extremely powerful, if you can hit its effect on a late-game minion (Ysera, Yshaarj). It may have a spot in some Ramp Druid decklists but it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which this card is objectively better than Faceless Manipulator.


A poorly stated card with a decent effect; essentially a weaker Loatheb. It will not see Constructed play but will have a place in Arena, especially if spells continue to have an appearance increase and Mage and Paladin continue to dominate.


A very good card. A solid body with a good effect that is relatively easy to trigger. Not definitively Constructed powerful, but a possible addition to non-quest Control Warrior, and a solid pick in Arena.


An extremely fun card. It does not fit into any current Hunter lists, but if a slower Hunter can be pulled off this could be a solid addition. The randomness of secrets will lead to some interesting player interactions, watching your opponent try to play around every secret possible. While it’s power level is still questionable, its ability to produce fun, interesting game interactions earns it a good rating.


An interesting card that offers a bit more reliable support for Quest Mage. That being said, is it Constructed powerful? Probably not. It offers a bit more stall for Freezing renditions of Mage, but there are stronger options. In Arena this will be a powerful choice, especially as Mage actually has one of the weaker 4 mana slots, Water Elemental notwithstanding.


In most cases Rogue’s use of weapons is limited to their hero power. Two healing is not worth two mana. Even six healing, with a Deadly Poison casted, is not worth two mana. This card requires too many other cards to even be average, let alone noteworthy.


Mage’s legendary addition, Sindragosa summons two 0/1 Frozen Champion tokens that add a random Legendary minion to your hand when destroyed. The 8 mana costs opens up a lot more plays on turn 10 that involve Sindragosa, but even then, an 8 mana cost card that essentially does nothing upon being played is too slow for Constructed play. Sindragosa will be a powerful addition to Mage in Arena, and because of their lack of class dragons, will easily be discoverable. Overall Sindragosa looks to be one of those value cards that sounds powerful on paper but is too slow in practice, although it will see some play in Arena, through drafting or discover effects.


This is a difficult card to call. It is a powerful effect that fits right into Control Warrior, but at an obviously high cost. Alongside the other support for Control Warrior coming in this expansion, Bring It On may find itself in many Control lists, but it is hard to call how the meta will work out for Control Warrior. As for Arena, this card is essentially unplayable.

Arena: Unplayable

Constructed: Average

Solid stats with a chance to draw a card. If Mage receives even more Freezing support this card could be quite powerful, but even with just the current support it’s a solid addition to the card pool and a card you will see a lot in Arena.


There’s that Shaman Freeze support that… we all wanted? In my previous preview I mentioned that any Shaman Freeze support would have to be good on its own to be viable and fit into already established archetypes. This is entirely off the mark. This card simply does not have the stat line to make an impact on the board in Constructed. In Arena, high tiered Shaman decks typically draft much faster decks than any that this card would find a spot in. Freezing and Taunt do not mesh well together. Taunt serves to force many smaller minions to attack into a minion, and Freeze is used to slow down large, powerful minions until you can find other ways to deal with them.. Against aggro decks the Freezing component often would not come into play, and against slower decks the ability to Freeze a single large minion is not worth its cost. Why Freeze a minion when you could Hex or Devolve it?


Written by: David Wier

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