Hearthstone Knights of the Frozen Throne Card - Preview

Rating Scale: Unplayable, Terrible, Bad, Average, Good, Amazing

A 2 damage board clear for 6, with a small amount of armor included. The Hunter Death Knight’s new hero power is create a zombeast, which is essentially taking two beasts and making them into a single card. For example, by choosing Stonetusk Boar and Vicious Fledgeling, you would get a 4 mana 4/4 with charge that adapts when it attacks a hero (*shivers at the thought*). This along with other cards in the set seem to suggest Blizzard is pushing for a slower Hunter, which has struggled for years. Here’s hoping this is the expansion to succeed.


A neutral legendary with the same effect as Mistcaller (which saw no serious play) but with an added (and extremely crippling) trigger. This card will not see serious play unless we are given card draw mechanics for specific cost cards, similar to Ancient Harbinger. Even then, its effect does not offer a high enough payoff for its cost.

Unplayable (for now)

This card is a solid, middling addition to the card pool. It will see some play in Arena, although it’s 1 health is limiting. It is nowhere near a Constructed power level card but it will be a welcome addition in Arena and will lead to some interesting highlights with it’s deathrattle. Keep in mind with the new expansion focusing so much on deathrattle minions, its deathrattle may be more powerful than we think.


The first card with the new Lifesteal keyword, in which anytime the card deals any damage the hero is healed for that amount. This is a solid anti-aggro card, offering a decent clear and a bit of increased survivability in one. If Pirate Warrior, Token Druid or other aggro decks stick around in the meta, expect to see a lot of this card.


Definitely not sold on this card. Paladin already has access to powerful taunt minions (Grimestreet Protecter, Sunkeeper Tarim) and heals for survivability, and their 4 drop slot is already cramped. I don’t see this card ever taking spots fromTruesilver Champion.


An overstated minion with a deathrattle that clears your own board. Unless we get some deathrattle switching abilities, this will never see play in Constructed. In Arena this card will either be played on-curve, in which it will probably not die and limit your turn 5 plays, or it will be drawn later in which it is difficult to imagine a scenario where it doesn’t do more harm than good. Also of note, this card would ruin any huge N’zoth board swings


This is a great card, in power level and design. In Arena it is absurdly powerful, offering up a lot of interesting swings in tempo. It fits right into the Arena Rogue gameplan. As a class common, with the higher appearance rate, you will be seeing a ton of this card in Arena. For Constructed Rogue, it may not be good enough to make any serious lists, but with a lot of the expansion left to be seen, including the Death Knight Rogue, it could steal a spot on some new Rogue decklists.


A Shaman weapon… That costs 3 mana… and destroys any Frozen minions. A 3 mana ⅓ weapon is not a play you want to make on turn 3. Shaman will need a ton of freezing support to make this viable, but not only will the support have to exist, it will have to be good independently to make this card worth it, because in the cases where you cannot pull off a freezing combo, this card is abysmal.


Could this card actually be solid, or at least average? Many members of the community have complained about the inconsistencies of Discard Warlock, and they’re right. To make Discard Warlock a successful deck, which Blizzard seems to want to do, the player needs more control over what they discard. Could you discard this card on accident? Yes, but that’s a critique you could make of… any Warlock card? This is a 5 drop, so you would not keep this in your opening hand, and based on the text it doesn’t have to be in your hand to get the bonus attack. If you drew this card on turn 5 and had, say, discarded 4 card by then (A realistic amount in the case of Discard Warlock), an on-curve 5 mana 4/6 with Lifesteal is… well, not even average in Constructed. Never mind. I’ve talked myself out of my own opinion


This card is fantastic, offering a little taste of the good ole’ Death’s Bite days. Producing not one but two whirlwind board clears in a single card is extremely powerful. The amount of control this card offers the player in how much damage they do and to what minions makes it extremely powerful. Warrior has had powerful weapons before and it did not make them viable Arena choices, but this might be a first step in the right direction. This card may be powerful enough to see some play in some anti-aggro Constructed Warrior decklists as well.


Written by: David Wier

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