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Mega Man Anniversary Collection

"Mega Man Anniversary Collection" rocks with tons of nostalgia

With a new Mega Man collection out now, figured it was a good time to look back at one that really brought the roots of the original Blue Bomber. With all 1-8 original Mega Man games, and two arcade fighting games that had limited release outside of Japan, there is a lot to play and explore in Capcom’s beloved franchise.

Platforming shooter paradise

For those unfamiliar, Mega Man is a 2D platformer-style game where players have control of the titular character. With each level comes a robot master boss, each with weaknesses to weapons that Mega Man collect from other bosses. The main objective is to destroy all the robot masters and face off against the evil Dr. Wily. Each game typically follows this same formula, but each level is packed with some of the most difficult platforming and puzzles ever to be found in this kind of game. With an arm cannon, Mega Man can shoot enemies and obstacles that get in his way. Later games add additional movements, like gliding or sliding, that refine gameplay elements while also adding even more difficult levels that require timing, speed and accuracy. Just playing through most of these games in order felt like watching how Mega Man games came to evolve, and much of the way how he controls in all eight games felt different in subtlety. For those unaware of why Mega Man is still a notable gaming mascot today, this collection gives a good idea why. Also the two extra arcade fighting games are so much fun to play, especially since they are the only multiplayer exclusive games that plays more like a beat-em up.

A bit empty on extras

With all the value and time when playing the classics, the rest of the collection did feel lacking, especially when some content is only accessible to certain consoles. For instance, Xbox players are able to configure control settings while the PlayStation 2 port featured a pilot episode of the Mega Man cartoon. Overall, the extras are quite lacking and there are no enhancements made to the original games that could add more replayablility after completing them. Playing this on the GameCube, I appreciated the game’s bonus interview with Mega Man creator Keji Inafune, but a boss rush mode or something else to keep me playing would have added more to the already packed experience.

A retro rejoice

As a collection, the game delivers fantastically, and certainly gives old and new fans a chance to see how far Mega Man has come. Although there is not much else to do after completing all eight games, the collection does give more with its quantity, and is one that gives the classic experience to all.

Written by Jarek Martinez

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