Frontier Fields

Game is in development!

Frontier Fields is a open world adventure like no other.

After arriving to the frontiers of the new world, you find yourself in a situation where you have to make your own fortune.

How you’re going to achieve that however, is entirely up to you. Open up a business,
trade within the community, follow clues to new adventures or get involved with the local intrigues

Every part of Frontierlands is alive and breathing – and changes constantly.


Over 15 unique areas through 7 different biomes to explore

A season-based progression system. During a season Frontierfields evolves and develops entirely on its own – new buildings and characters appear along with new storylines opening up every new season.

Multiple main professions and more than 10 odd jobs and side activities which help you to advance your character and succeed in the faraway lands.

More than a hundred inhabitants . Some of them are going to be your best friends, while some of them would do anything to see you fall

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