Destiny 2 "Forsaken" Preview (PC)

Bungie has revealed it's next adventure in Destiny 2.

Set in the Reef, an area at the edge of our solar system, the Hunter Cayde-6 takes us to the Tangled Shore, a place where the worst criminals in our solar system are held prisoner. These criminals are known as “the Scorned” and appear to be mostly comprised of Fallen. The scorned are lead by 7 really big fallen bosses (imagine if the Magnificent Seven were a bunch of evil aliens. And you get the idea.) who stage a jailbreak and begin to wreak havoc on the Reef. It’s up to the player to track down these leaders and put them down.

Forsaken marks the debut of a revamped weapon system, which wasn't described at length, but it appears to allow more freedom to place weapons in nearly any combination into your 3 weapon slots (triple shotguns is possible for instance, but it was implied that triple rockets for example, were not). To go along with this new system, a new weapon will be introduced: The Bow. Bows apparently can come in longbow or shortbow form, and appear to be extremely powerful, likely placing them in the power weapon slot.

New powers will be added as well. Each subclass is receiving new powers that can alter the way their super ability works. For instance, the Gunslinger Hunter can change their Golden Gun power to a ton of flaming throwing knives instead, while Sunbreaker Titans can spawn a large flaming hammer to use as a melee weapon, instead of throwing a bunch of regular sized hammers around

A brand new PVP mode will be added: Gambit. This new mode mixes pvp competition with the ai slaying rush of pve. The mode takes place in a split in half arena, where two separate teams face wave after wave of enemy monsters. Defeating enemies drops motes of light, which are place in a bank on one side of the arena. Motes can be used to summon “blockers” on the opponent's side of the arena, which will seal their bank until they are defeated. Motes can also be used to send a teammate directly to the opponents arena to wreak havoc in a more personal way. Bungie is so excited for this new game mode that it won't even be in the crucible (pvp) menu. It will instead be its own separate mode entirely.

A new raid dungeon known as the Dreaming City is coming. It’s the home city of the Awoken, and looks like it was taken right from the Lord Of The Rings. Unlike previous raids we’ve seen, Bungie boasts that this raid will change form based on player progression/interaction. In what way was not mentioned, but the goal is to give the player a different experience every time they play this new area. A goal that sounds as difficult to pull off as it does exciting to play.

Finally, we have the “Annual Pass” which is available in a bundle along with Forsaken for $70USD (Forsaken by itself costs $40USD) and gives accsess to 3 MORE content packs planned for Year 2: “The Black Armory” (coming in Winter 2018), Joker’s Wild” (Spring 2019), and “Penumbra” (Summer 2019) these 3 content packs will contain new gear to collect, new endgame activities to participate in, and new IN-GAME LORE to discover. This is a nice step-up from the original Destiny, which would release a major expansion like The Taken King, then see almost nothing new for a full year (When Rise Of Iron released). Looks like we will see something new every 3-4 months or so (speculation only, no specific dates were given beyond the release date of Forsaken).

Bungie will be revealing more about the plotline of Forsaken during E3 on June 10th, as well as giving the public their first hands-on with the new Gambit mode. Forsaken is slated for release on September 4th.

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