Decknight Review

By: Gamesmasher Jay

Decknight is a game Developed and Released by Lura Games, an indie company solely operated by Enrique Otero. Enrique handles everything from game design to programming, he started Lura Games to release his games. He said a lot of inspiration went into Decknight, the most important being Hands of Fate and Reigns, 2 solo games you can check out on Steam. "You also have some old school RPG and tabeltop inspiration on this", Enrique told me during my Q & A. Decknight was under development for a year, it was in beta for 7 months, giving Enrique time to get feedback from players on how he can better the game. "The game is very expandable so it's still under development now because I'll try to update it from time to time" Said Enrique about Decknights development. Well that’s enough about Decknights history let's get into the review.

I advise going through the tutorial first so you don't get confused as to what's going on. The tutorial is pretty straightforward. It's basically like you start on a card, then you have different options like if you're tracking something you can continue to find a bandit or go do something else. You attack back and forth between your left handed weapon and your right handed weapon so you gotta be able to strategize your attacks to get through this game. You also have options in battle to either evade or parry your enemies attacks which I thought was pretty sweet.

After the tutorial the game starts with an intro picture, and the game tells you the story of how your character entered this world. The point of the game is to make it all the way to the Dark Castle to defeat the final boss. You start in the grasslands. 1 card in and already picked up a shield. Things are looking up. Next card I found a blood trail, went to go investigate and found some dead goblins and a potion. I took the potion then got into a fight with a goblin. 5 minutes in and I'm already starting trouble! It's pretty cool how this game gives you options to make your own adventure.

First battle was pretty rough. I only got out with one health. Mostly because my Parries weren't working too well I guess I need better weapons. The enemy AI isn't rough, they wont constantly attack you sometimes they will block which will give you time to think about a strategy. Oh and if you die you go back to the beginning of the game unless you watch an ad, so don't start any unnecessary fights. Manage your health wisely and try to survive as long as you can, because you only regain 1 health per card you travel too. I like the challenge though, makes me feel like a boss when I get to the end of the grasslands.

Another cool part about this game is that it changes every time you start the game over. Like a brand new adventure, when I started the game over instead of a shield I fell into a pit trap and lost 2 health. So be wary of where you're going as well. I got a club as my left-handed weapon this time around which is a pretty good weapon. It stuns the enemy so you can just pulverize them with your club and sword and not lose any health. I love the music in this game by the way, it fits the game perfectly. I will say one part that got on my nerves was Subterranean in the Grasslands. I'm just not good with puzzles.

My 3rd play through went a lot better, I left Grasslands with full health and 3 armor points, and I did it in less than 10 minutes. In closing Decknight is a fun RPG that’s really got me hooked. After this review's done I'm gonna try to beat it. I think I'm skilled enough to take on the Dark Castle, I might need some magic but I got this ya'll. Make sure to download Decknight on the Android store. It's at over 50K downloads and has 4.5 stars as a game, reviewed by over a thousand people. I asked Enrique what his next project will be and he said this: " I'm now working in another title that was first planned for PC. Now I'm trying to adapt the idea to a mobile game. There's some info about it in Lura Games website. It's name is Mechadrones and it's another roguelike, but not an hybrid as Decknight. It has also strategic turn based combat but there's an open word and it's more complex. Of course I always have in mind a second part for Decknight. I already have some ideas but it's something I'm not working now."

Well guys this is Gamesmasher Jay with another review, peace out everyone I'm gonna play some Decknight!

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