Crash Twinsanity

Crash Twinsanity’ muddles a legendary platform

Frequent technical glitches and creative gimmicks really squandered a game that cannot be considered or compared to the Crash games that came before it. Traveller’s Tales really wanted to make a different approach to Naughty Dog’s iconic bandicoot, with few major changes that switched up the gameplay. Players will have the ability to control both Crash and Cortex, with some parts of stages requiring only using one of them. These levels however are broken down in more free-roam based locations, which zooms out the camera a bit more and gives players a more traditional third-person movement system. Unfortunately, this major change of the platformer has its own set of problems. Moving around with Crash felt problematic, especially when it came to the jumping. It never felt like I had full control of the jump, which already created a frustrating experience in difficult points of a level. Not to mention every level’s singular checkpoint forced players to either start from the beginning of the level, or retread to frustrating points with bad jumping, bad camera and traversing ugly environments. Even the soundtrack went with a different direction, having an acapella group sing some of the most generic themes that was very out of place. In fact, the humor is also hit-or-miss and was really shoehorned in. Although big praise for some of the voice acting should be noted, including a great performance by Lex Lang as Neo Cortex. Other than that, this is where Crash seem to have lost most of its identity. It was never about being super random, fart noises or innuendos, it was just an adventure with a cartoon animal personality that was able to tell a story through the gameplay. As a result, “Crash Twinsanity” just felt like a slog of the same old levels (jungle, ice palace) that cannot hold up to the same creativity or fun found in older Crash games.

Written by Jarek Martinez

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