Crash Team Racing

‘Crash Team Racing’ is miles of fun

There is not much reason to not recommend “CTR,” and most Playstation owners should definitely give it a go. Go on, get it somehow. Then come back to see what I mean. Whether racing with friends or alone, “CTR” is an intricate kart racer that is accessible enough for quick play, but also have enough shortcuts and mechanics that can require mastery in order to award patient players. Some of the options also allow for lots of replay value, with lots of tracks and characters to unlock, and almost endless fun in both multiplayer and Adventure mode. The motifs of previous Crash games just translated incredibly well to a kart racer, yet so much was done to differentiate it from previous games of its genre.

Champion kart racing

Adventure mode is a great way to start out in understanding how the game plays, and much of the game remains entertaining whether playing alone or with friends. As a standard kart racer with drift boosts, differing stats on karts and items, some new ideas were peppered in to create the skill found in the likes of “Mario Kart 64” and “Diddy Kong Racing.” Weapons are still very advantageous, but are just small hurdles meant to turn the tables for anyone. A new way to use items is how one can save up and grab another for a much powerful weapon. Each track felt largely different from another, which allowed for interesting destinations that are matched with a strong soundtrack to boot. There is so much to discover in “CTR” and it just felt like a complete masterpiece that Naughty Dog wanted to bring considering this was their last Crash game to be produced under the company, until now.

Written by Jarek Martinez