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Crash N. Sane Trilogy Part Three: WARPEEEEED

"Warped" transports more of the same

After three weeks, hundreds of Crash lives lost and thousands of game over screens, the third game ends the N Sane trilogy on a good note, albeit not a great one. We get everything that improved how Crash moves from two, along with airplane, underwater and motorcycle levels. That all may sound like great fun, but let’s take a closer look why “Crash Warped” is more like an expansion of “Crash 2.”

Crash, splash, mash, flash, bash?

Variety is definitely a game changer for this iteration, which has some varied level environments yet to be seen before. I love the Egyptian levels, the medieval stages and the futuristic stages. They are oozing with style, and much of the detail and polish makes it some of the best looking levels to come out of the remake. I also love that there is no signs of jetpack levels, but it doesn’t mean we don’t see different styles of this in the forms of the biplane levels, the underwater levels and the motorcycle levels. Again, variation in a game is fantastic and I feel some of the added visual quality and minor control tweaks make them somewhat better. However, they are still a bit empty compared to some of the platforming most people have come to love. Scub diving is actually somewhat less difficult than how it was in the original, and are just as fun, if not a bit short. Motorcycle racing is just annoying. In order to receive a crystal, you need to get in first place while also avoiding obstacles and outside boundaries that slow you down. I am not sure if it’s just me but the controllers still feel stiff whenever I turn Crash, which I feel was part of the difficulty of the levels, but it really felt unfair, clunky and really stole three spots that could have been more platform-involved. Biplane levels are just too easy. They pose no difficulty, but I guess they look a little prettier in this remake, so just some fun eye candy? Aside from these gripes, Crash is still fun, and when they do levels like Bone Yard or Gone Tommorow, they are some of the longest and challenging platforming levels that are well crafted. I wanted more of that, but I guess you can’t everything, and it’s not like levels that don’t deliver on that are terribly bad. Some of the bosses are still just as fun as well, and I’d have to say visually they are just as exciting.

Final Verdict

“Crash N Sane Trilogy” is worth the $40 bucks, and is definitely a remake for a trilogy for the most part, a very satisfying platforming experience. Even for those that are not a big fan of the visual changes or aesethetics, will appreciate how the game can be challenging, but also rewarding those who have the skill, patience and reflexes to get lost in the gameplay. It is fantastic, especially if one is a fan of singleplayer experiences, and will surely last a long time considering the added collectables.

Video by RapidRetrospectGames

Written by Jarek Martinez