Crash Bash

"Crash Bash" smashes and crashes the conventional party games.

One thing that party games need to do to stay afloat is simply add enough fun but challenge in each game to keep them fresh and re-playable for any player. “Crash Bash” is an interesting type of party game with some incredible depth in a handful of its minigames. However, unlocking all the minigames for multiplayer is frustrating as the difficulty spikes to nigh impossible levels, and can become incredibly repetitive as a result.

Rinse, Crash, Repeat

A major problem from this game can be found in their single player story mode, which can also be played with a friend. Players choose from a good selection of characters -- some newly introduced ones that we actually never see again—that have advantages or disadvantages not fully detailed in any part of the game. For example, Cortex uses a laser gun and jetpack that gives him better range of attack in Bash and Panic Games while Koala Kong and Tiny have slower movement animations that make them terrible in the Bash games. Speaking of games, there are plenty of variation, but have mostly the same objective: last person standing wins. Each game has at least four different stages or motifs that may add different overlaying mechanics to complicate matters for combatants. During most of the story mode, players are basically playing the same games, but special conditions are added that award players with crystals, gems and relics, the staple items of most Crash games. This is where much of gameplay hits a real snag. As players progress, they can only unlock more stages by obtaining a certain amount of these items. A.I. difficulty and different rules to add more complications to the games are not just the only factors. Every game must be won three times in order to obtain the award. So there are about four to five stages of minigames per world. In order to get three of said items to progress per stage, that means a player must play these games 15 times or more in order to get to the boss stage and unlock new stages that hopefully are not variations of the same games.
Oh wait, they are!
So add the difficulty and stressful situations to the same four games, and much of the suffering is hard to deal with, even with a second player helping out. Even if the boss stages add more variation, and later worlds unlock several more engaging minigames, much of it really feels like a slog to get through.

Not a complete crash

If the games had not gotten too repetitive by the end of completing story mode, the best fun comes from playing with friends. With plenty of craziness to expect from a Crash game, “Crash Bash” is the “Mario Party” of the Playstation that is very hectic to play, and even fun to watch. Rounds can get pretty close and there is a handful of options for multiplayer, which include playing a grand prix style set of games that will determine overall winners toward the end. “Crash Bash” is frantic fun that almost requires friends, and expect to master much of the games after hundreds of losses and retries in story mode.

Written by Jarek Martinez

Video by Game Attack