Cooking Mama

"Cooking Mama" delivers quick fresh fun

“Cooking Mama” in a way is a dish best served when someone is looking to kill some time. Blending minigames with the stylus to a unique type of rhythm game, “Cooking Mama” really stands out as a bizarre concept that works incredibly well. Despite a good amount of options, “Cooking Mama” is nothing that is worth investing more than a few hours, and really is harmless fun for anyone.

Delicious presentation

Cute and shiny are two words that best describe “Cooking Mama.” From how cartoony, yet appetizing the dishes look, to the chibi design of Mama herself, the game has a style that makes it approachable and a positive experience. Every minigame is explained well, as each dish has players cutting, slicing, dicing and cooking all sorts of meals. Some of the sound design was also very easy on the ears, especially the little chime that rings out when a player gets a good rank for completing the tasks on a certain time limit.

Bountiful goodies

With a total of 76 recipes to master in the game, there is plenty to be done in Mama’s kitchen. Although most of these recipes are unlocked in the Let’s Cook mode, some recipes can be combined with others in the Let’s Combine mode for some new dishes as well. A ranked mode based on performance on these minigames keeps some stylus chef’s looking to put their skills to the test. Although many of these recipes have some recycled and repetitive mini games, the variation and end results can be just as engaging

Short and Sweet

Completing “Cooking Mama is not truly satisfying, especially when completing most of the recipes can take about two hours. Not to mention that the lack of variation in the minigames can really hurt replayability. As a result, “Cooking Mama,” is a fun game to be had for a small amount of time, and mastering ranks is what much of the challenge boils down to. Of course, it’s a fun game for the time being overall, but more in-depth gameplay could be found in the DS library.

Video by: IGN

Written by Jarek Martinez

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