Argh Earthlings

Game is in development! (Build Available)

Argh! Earthlings!" is a humorous, old-school point & click adventure game exclusive for iOS.

You play as David, a young, slightly left-handed hobby astronomer, who one day accidentally shots down an alien spacecraft using his self-made model rocket!

At the same moment the UFO hits the ground, David gets knocked out by his own rocket.

You wake up in a foreign bed, and things get really wacky from there!

Explores the surroundings of over 50 hand-drawn and digitalized game scenes, collects up to 40 items and interacts with up to 20 characters.

he self-made adventure engine is optimized for mobile devices such iPhone and iPad and enables navigation by using just a single finger tap.


Humorous, old-school point & click adventure game

Optimized for mobile devices

Simple one-finger navigation

Automatic game saving

Multiple savegames at one

Adjustable game speed

Minimum 1 hour of gameplay (in default game speed)

Multiple solution possibilities in some situations

50 hand-drawn and digitalized game scenes

20 characters

40 items to collect and use

3300 lines of text

Battery and CPU efficient gaming engine

It can be found here For IOS!

Made by Damien Thater