*NEW* Jerrys Apps Q&A

Another Q&A, this time with Jerry's Apps , we spoke on his games and one of his favorite platforms Airconsole!

Star Fox 64 - Replay Value at its finest

Codex feels like Star Fox 64's replay value is off the charts - Here's why

*NEW* Mutant Duck Invasion

Gamesmasher Jay felt like shootin some ducks, check out his review of Mutant Duck Invasion!

Live Streaming

Check out these chill streamers!

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"Official Stream For Codexstrial.com"

Person 2


"Just your everyday average gamer trying to git gud , show some support!"

Person 3


A chill variety streamer who encourages interaction with his viewers

Person 3


I'm a geeked-at-birth RPG fanatic!

Person 4


A variety streamer and huge Star Wars fan looking to build a positive community! Join The Council by following the channel



A Variety-Streaming Gaming Dad grinding that Twitch struggle!


Lord Jobes

A variety gamer that plays a lot of Sci-Fi games or whatever tickles my fancy.



A Variety Streamer who wants to interact with viewers and encourages all to interact


Salty Bet is a free betting stream, Using M.U.G.E.N. players pick between 2 fighters (usually), featuring a godly amount of characters from different games

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Variety-Retro streamer with soft spots for bullet hells!

Person 2


Hey, name's Mace Noobdu. I'm a semi-amateur-professional-part-time streamer. I play a variety of games including Overwatch, Fortnite, Legend of Zelda, and different Star Wars games as well.

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I speedrun Bully and Devil May Cry 3. Come join the Squad!

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The Great Teacher

Teach here not only streams random games, but he also does a betting stream for DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and Mario Party 5!

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A chill variety streamer who plays a good bit of JRPGs, RPGs, and story based Games. Go check em out!

Person 2


Looking for something that will ease your mind while you work? Check out this stream, you also can play trivia with other chatters!

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I stream mostly games that I will be playing through from start to finish I will from time to time stream random games

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